Social capital creation through Olympic Games : theoretical modelling and evidence on Olympic values / Nathalie Prüschenk

Prüschenk, Nathalie

Edited by Universität Bayreuth. Bayreuth - 2020

The study makes a theoretical and empirical contribution to identify implications for a potential social capital creation in society through Olympic Games. The debate on Olympic gigantism and the recent phenomenon of failed referenda of hosting Olympic Games in western democracies are the central starting point. Against this background, the question arises whether the so-called Olympism, as the ethical foundation of the Olympic movement and the Olympic Games, lost its appeal within postmodern societies and how to regain or enhance the esteem of the Olympic values. Fostering Olympism, which is rooted in humanism, in the spectators’ perception could be an effective instrument to generate and enlarge social trust and, thus, to create social capital.


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