Stages of development of a measure in Olympic and humanitarian values (EEVO) in education / Maria Alice Zimmermann, Ivan Santana Rabelo, Katia Rubio

Zimmermann, Maria Alice | Santana Rabelo, Ivan | Rubio, Katia

Considering the advantages deriving from sports practice for the development of individual and social values, it is necessary to construct and adapt instruments capable of evaluating the relationship of sport and education, as well as Olympic and humanitarian values, as proposed in these studies. The objective of this article is to present the steps of the construction of the Olympic Education and Values Scale (EEVO), highlighting the studies carried out to estimate the evidences of validity of the internal structure, comparison between groups and precision studies. The results of these studies corroborated an internal structure composed of three factors, interpreted as respect, excellence and friendship. The factors presented indices classified as adequate in the presented studies. It is concluded that the EEVO presents satisfactory psychometric qualities, so far, for the measurement of the Olympic and humanitarian values proposed by the measure.


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