Privatisation of public spaces and stakeholder management in a mega-events context : a Tokyo 2020 Olympic host community perspective / Alice Brazao

Brazao, Alice

Local community support is at the core for a host city to effectively win a bid to stage a mega-event, such as the Olympic Games. However, as many researches have demonstrated during the planning and delivery of such events, the way public spaces are designed intentionally excludes these stakeholders. Due to this incongruence regarding the inclusion and/or exclusion of the local community, this research presents an innovative synthesis of the shock theory, property theory and stakeholder theory. Aiming to explain 'social exclusion' issues of public space privatisation within last mile and/or transit zones, during the live staging period of the Olympic Games. Specifically, examines: i) the differences between public and private spaces; ii) the public space privatisation process; iii) who plays a key role; and iv) how such process impacts the host community.


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