Seoul 1988 Olympic marathon course selection process and the image strategy of the urban landscape / Sangyeon Park, Bong Hee Jeon

Park, Sangyeon | Jeon, Bong Hee

The purpose of this study was to examine the selection process of the marathon course of Seoul 1988 and the progress of the related urban landscape design projects. The study revealed that the initially selected course of the downtown Namdaemum changed to the riverside course that runs around Gangnam and Han river. This change implied that showing the developed landscape of Seoul was much more considered than showing the traditional landscape of Seoul. The urban design plan had changed in 1986 after the marathon course was finalized. The development project of downtown was changed to Gangnam area including Teheran-ro. The city also redeveloped the substandard housing zones around the Olympic facilities. As a result, developed areas and modern apartments of the riverside was emphasized in international TV game broadcast. This embedded the industrialized and modernized image of Seoul to foreigners. Also, Koreans started to recognize the Han river as Seoul's representative landmark. Accordingly, Seoul succeeded in creating a modernized urban landscape image through the Olympic marathon course.


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