The position of an athlete in sponsorship contacts regarding Olympic Games / Tone Jagodic, Zlatko Mateša

Jagodic,Tone | Mateša, Zlatko

Sponsorship of individual athletes is not mainly based on intellectual industrial rights, but rather rests more on personal rights. As they are athletes involved in international competitions, they must adhere to the rules of various organisations. If an athlete wants to participate in Olympic Games, then s/he is obliged to respect the rules of International Olympic Committee (IOC) and National Olympic Committee (NOC), and sign the Olympic Declaration which includes the code of suitability. Rule 40 of the Olympic charter is the key provision which must be respected throughout the Olympic Games. Acording to the authors, the pressure of top athletes, particularly from commercial sport, will grow and we can expect more intensive future discussions at both international and national levels. IOC and NOC will have to change the approach towards athletes on the one hand and not disregard the principle of solidarity towards most athletes who come from underdeveloped parts of the world and from not so media attractive sports.


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