Olympic fascism : the relationship between sports spectacles and mass propaganda = Fascismo Olímpico : sobre la relación entre espectáculo deportivo y propaganda de masas / Antonio Méndez-Rubio, Javier Lizaga

Méndez-Rubio, Antonio | Lizaga, Javier

When limiting fascism to a time and often, a country (Germany), it is considered whether its cultural devices and communicational strategies are still valid, not as part of a classical fascism, but instead as functional equivalents that preserve pragmatic features and social conditions. To this end, the authors analyse the construction of the fascist imaginary in Leni Riefenstahl's documentary Olympia (1938), a film that is a reference to the sports story as well as to Nazi propaganda. A critical analysis is made around the concepts of leader and audience. The aim is to establish projections towards other official films of modern Olympic Games to question whether there is a point of contact between the mass culture, fascism and propaganda.


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