Talent and creativity of taekwondoists winners of the 2016 Summer Olympics / by Cristina Menescardi... [et al.]

Menescardi, Cristina

Athletic talent and creativity are important for winning bouts in combat sports. The aim of the current study is to analyze technical–tactical actions performed by athletes of the 2016 Summer Olympics according to the outcome (winners and losers) of a given bout. A total of 2374 actions were analyzed. In this mixed-methods study, we used a nomothetic follow-up and multidimensional design. The results showed that winners scored one point through direct attacks to the chest. After scoring, athletes kicked with the back leg. In addition, they performed direct attacks prior to score one point, while cuts occurred after scoring. Three points were scored by spinning techniques and actions to the head, after which they kicked with the front leg. Cuts occurred prior to scoring three points, while direct attacks occurred after scoring. The creativity to score points emerged as a necessary characteristic of taekwondo athletes to win a bout. These results showed technical–tactical implications derived from the last modifications of the regulations of this sport, as well as the necessary adaptation of the athletes’ trainings in preparation for the next Olympic Games. It is suggested that coaches and psychologists train athletes in better decision-making and creative strategic planning in accordance with the successful patterns extracted in this study.


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