The esports and Olympic Games : perspectives of an ongoing debate = Os e-sports e os Jogos Olímpicos: perspectivas de um debate em andamento / Nelson Schneider Todt... [et al.]

Todt, Nelson

This literature review paper aims to understand the different perspectives on the inclusion or not of esports in the Olympic Games programme. Esports popularity among world’s youth population grows daily. The esports phenomenon became a new form of entertainment with its own financial means and cultural practices, very close related to streaming technology, and ultimately bringing new questions and challenges for the so-called ‘traditional sports’ field. The audience success sparked the gaming industry with a considerable economic growth, transforming a backyard practice in the beginning of the century into a worldwide recognized activity; a mega event in terms of infrastructure and media coverage. Therefore, the debate about the recognition of esports as a sport and their inclusion in the Olympic Games programme has quickly emerged.


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