Mapping of procurement standards and risk management activities in the construction of infrastructure for sporting events / International Partnership Against Corruption in Sport

International Partnership Against Corruption in Sport

Edited by IPACS. [S.l.] - 2019

In organising sporting events and related infrastructure, there are ever-present risks of inefficiencies, corruption and misconduct. Attempting to meet tight deadlines and manage significant resources, development projects may pressure organisations or governments to circumvent established procurement procedures, underpinning infrastructure delivery in almost all OECD countries and undermine sound risk management practices. To help manage such risks, the International Partnership Against Corruption in Sports (IPACS) created a dedicated task force charged with mapping procurement standards specifically relating to sports. While the issue of corruption in sport has gained increasing attention over the years, too little consideration has been accorded the complex relationship between infrastructure, procurement, and risk management strategies. In reviewing frameworks and practices related to ten major sporting events held from 2008 to 2018, and analysing 76 procurements, the task force has identified new evidence to help governments, sports federations and oversight bodies better understand these relationships. This report represents a necessary first step toward developing actionable guidelines and practical tools for detecting and mitigating corruption and collusion risks. While the report’s findings and recommendations will not put fraud, corruption or collusion in the procurement of sports-related infrastructure to an end, they could help reinforce the resilience of sporting events against those risks by adopting a preventive risk based approach.


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