Sport and exercise medicine Switzerland : special issue / Stéphane Tercier... [et al.]

Tercier, Stéphane

How to use the positive impact of an international sport event to promote sustainable adolescent health / Stéphane Tercier.
Learning and sharing at the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games medical clinic / Suzanne Gard.
Health prevention in youth sports: innovative and interdisciplinary experiences at the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games / Stéphane Tercier.
Health for performance: a necessary paradigm shift for youth athletes / Boris Gojanovic.
Interview with Dr Richard Budgett, medical and scientific director for the IOC.
Medical services and injury management in alpine skiing during the Winter Youth Olympic Games 2020 in Lausanne / Kazumi Goto, Jacques Menetrey.
Update on oral health in elite sports / Martin Broome.
A medical internship at the Youth Olympic Games, really? / Marion Claret.
Development of a model for physical fitness and its correlates in children and adolescents from the canton de Vaud: the PACE model / Kenny Guex.
Availability and accessibility of information regarding the protection of athletes’ health and promotion of sport for health to the general population on the websites of French Olympic Sports Federations / Pascal Edouard.


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