Disequilibrium sports economics : competitive imbalance and budget constraints / ed. by Wladimir Andreff

Andreff, Wladimir

Edited by Edward Elgar. Cheltenham - 2015

For decades sports economics has been set within the framework of equilibrium economics, in particular when modeling team sport leagues. Based on a conviction that this does not reflect real life, this book addresses a gap in the literature and opens up a new research area by applying concepts drawn from disequilibrium economics. It is divided into two parts, the first of which focuses on economic disequilibrium in sports markets and competitive imbalance in sporting contests. The second part concentrates on soft budget constraints and their consequences for club governance and management. This pioneering book is the first to tackle non-mainstream economics in sports and offers a first approach to disequilibrium sports economics. Providing a new metric of competitive balance and opening up new avenues of future research, this is essential reading for economists and those researching sports across many disciplines.

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