London 2012 : the Olympic Games through the lens of John Huet and David Burnett = les Jeux Olympiques à travers l'objectif de John Huet et David Burnett / International Olympic Committee, Department of Culture and Heritage

Huet, John | Burnett, David | Comité international olympique. Département culture et patrimoine

Edité par Giles. London ; Comité international olympique. Lausanne - 2015

American photographers John Huet and David Burnett were commissioned by the International Olympic Committee to cover the London Olympic Games of 2012 and were given considerable artistic and technical freedom. The result is a series of great photos that capture moments in time : images with a story behind them and pictures that contribute to our Olympic heritage. This volume features stunning behind-the-scenes photographs of Olympic athletes preparing for and executing their incredible physical feats.

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