The Olympic Games explained : a student guide to the evolution of the modern Olympic Games / Vassil Girginov and Jim Parry

Girginov, Vassil | Parry, Jim

Edited by Routledge. London, New York - 2005

The Olympic Games Explained represents a comprehensive introduction to the central themes and background of the modern Games. This includes a consideration of ancient games, the modern revival at the end of the 19th Century and the progressive development of the Games throughout the 20th Century. The text considers a range of topics including: - The Ancient Olympics - The Media and the Olympics - Olympic Marketing and Sponsorship This Multidisciplinary text will seek to incorporate the theme of Olympism into other subject areas such as geography, history, art, media and business studies and draws specifically from the rich historical contribution of Britain to the Olympic movement. In order to enhance students learning experiences, the book will be complemented by a dedicated website offering access to unique archive and other document sources. this book aims to bring to its audience the best Olympic educational expertise available.

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